Sunday, January 11, 2015

Recovering Deleted Files In MS Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is often described as the most competent email application. This program provides a set of advanced and unique options to the users, which provides a comfortable emailing experience.

For any issues related to the email application, the users are advised to call up only genuine tech support services like the Omni Tech support team. Contacting the right tech support is necessary because nowadays several fraud services have cropped up, especially in the online market. These function on the pretext of providing genuine Omni Tech support to the users, but in reality would be the main cause of Omni Tech Support fraud and scams.

Sometimes, the Outlook users accidentally delete important information in Outlook that they later find difficult to retrieve. If you have accidentally deleted any of your important emails or other Outlook data, you can use the following methods to recover the information.

Using Exchange Server

  • First of all, check whether the Outlook account you’re using is configured on Microsoft Exchange Server. If so, then all you require to do is ask your IT administrator to restore the deleted files. This is considered to be the simplest method for recovering the deleted data in the Outlook program.

Using The Recover Deleted Items option

  • You can find an option in Microsoft Outlook that says ‘Recover Deleted Items’ from the drop-down options in the application. After opening the option, you can opt to either restore all the deleted files or even select the specific ones that you require.

  • You can tick the boxes next to the emails to recover selected files and then click on Recover Selected Items. It'll start recovering those files. However, it is not necessary that the email you’ve deleted would be available in this folder. Only those files can be retrieved that appear in this list. The Omni Tech Support fraud alerts also warn the users to use genuine versions of Outlook to access the useful options in the application.

Using the backup

  • It is always recommended to create a backup of the Outlook information. This would allow you to easily restore the files as all you require would be to import the files to Outlook.

These are some of the common recovery methods, which you can use to restore the files in Outlook that you would have accidentally deleted from the application. To get more information on the features of Outlook, you may contact our tech support team.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Upgrading From Other Versions To Windows 8

Microsoft has provided several different upgrade routes so that you can install the latest operating system and run them without any hassles. When upgrading the operating system, the single biggest worry is system compatibility. There is nothing more frustrating than realizing that your computer is not capable of running the operating system after you have purchased the license of the operating system. In order to provide a solution for this, Microsoft has provided a free utility, an Upgrade Assistant, which is capable of scanning your PC and reporting to you which version of Windows OS you will be able to run with ease.

The utility provides a complete compatibility report so that you can make sure the operating system you want to purchase will operate with ease. Of course, various sources provide minimum system requirements details that detail the hardware requirements you need to run a particular OS. However, this can be deceiving since these requirements are only the least necessary conditions necessary to run the operating system. Once you run different application software, you will see computer performance taking a toll. Thus, to make sure, it is best bet to contact OmniTech Support and ensure that your computer will perform well after download.

Windows Upgrade Assistant not only checks your computer system requirements, it also checks every device to ascertain if you will be able to operate it once your upgrade your operating system. Thus, if you have any printers or monitors, make sure they are connected to your computer and turned on before you run this utility. If you use an old device that does not have suitable Windows 8 drivers or OS support, you will be notified before you run the operating system.

The best feature of the Windows utility is that not only can you ascertain the compatible operating system, you can purchase, download and install the supported OS using the same tool. It will direct you to the official Microsoft OS Support page where you will be able to buy the license of the upgraded operating system. Until the Windows OS install page is displayed, the upgrade utility will assist the user in upgrading the operating system. If you require further assistance during, before or after installation, you can contact OmniTech Support. The support services will help you migrate to the new OS along with backing up all your data and settings. The support services will also help sort out any confusion whatsoever.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Looking For Tech Support? Your Search Ends Here

Technical support is available more easily than it used to earlier. With just a phone call in the toll free number, many people have access to professional tech support from various service providers. People do not have the time and patience to call an in-house technician to resolve issues on the computer. Moreover, most of them are not comfortable with other people coming to their home to get the computer up and running. Hence, this is a very good option for such people. They just have to call the tech support number at their own convenient time.

Apart from phone support from Omni Tech Support, tech services are also rendered through chat, for people who are not comfortable speaking through telephones. Technology has advanced so much that, the technician can actually work on the customer’s computer to resolve the issue. This will have the effect of an actual person working on the computer. The only thing is that the technician need not be present there in reality. When a customer calls up the support number, he or she will be connected to one of the technicians.

The technician would request the customer to accept the Remote Assistance session in order to resolve the issue. A remote session would be established only with the consent of the customer. Even with chat support, if necessary, the technician would connect to the customer’s computer remotely.

Customers get to sign up for two different subscriptions. One of them is a half-yearly subscription, while the other is a yearly subscription. Irrespective of the subscription, customers would get one technical issue resolved in a month without having to pay for it. Apart from them resolving issues, customers get various types of support.

In case the customer comes with a new package of Microsoft Office suite, the technicians would not only help the customer with the installation process but also would help them activate and also configure Outlook. In case the customer needs to know how to use the same, the technician would help with the basics and would inform about the places to look up when they are not sure how to work on the Office Suite.

Suppose you have decided to change the operating system to the latest, technicians from Omni tech support desk can help you install it in the computer and activate the copy as well. So do not wait, check out the services offered by Omni Tech Support today for all your technical problems!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Understanding How Online Scams Operate

There are several online scams out in the interwebs that want nothing but to dupe you and rob you off your money. Hence, if you are not cautious and watch your back, you might find yourself scammed off your money, or even worse, your personal information.

There are several different ploys that online hackers and scammers employ to get your interest, create a smoke screen and then convince you into falling for the bate. Once you fall for their tales, it would be too late before you realize. The internet provides the perfect getaway because the perpetuator may be sitting across oceans too far to be brought to justice. Thus, it would be better to steer clear from online scams and avoid falling for any of them.

There are several ways these scams operate. One of the most common methods employed by them are emails. You may receive official sounding emails from genuine companies like Microsoft or OmniTech Support that inform you about issues with your computer. None of such emails are genuine. You will be directed to a fake technical support website where they will fabricate some lie about some issue with your computer and then ask for connection to internet using remote access.

Never let unauthorized fake technical service to access your computer, either through remote access or otherwise. They will gain access to the data stored in your computer, including vital information like personal details and banking details. Some fake online frauds may even whisk away all your hard earned savings. If you ever come across any form of scam, either through phone or through the internet, make sure you immediately disconnect your call or close the particular website. Such scams do more harm than good.

The difference between genuine tech support services and online frauds are easily distinguishable if you know what you are looking for. Do not entertain any service that calls you up and inform you about any issue with your computer. If you need help with your computer, for either troubleshooting or with any related issue, contact genuine tech support services like OmniTech Support. They will be able to ascertain the issue and solve it to your satisfaction for a small fee.

At OmniTech, you will experience courteous staff who are capable of handling any issue with your computer. The entire troubleshooting process will be over soon since OmniTech Support is well known for their speedy service.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Updating And Repairing Click-To-Run Products

Microsoft Office Click-to-Run is a streaming service which lets you cut down on the time it takes to install MS Office, as well as to run more than a single version of the productivity suite on a PC. Using this, you can start using the Office apps even before they’re completely installed in the computer. The virtualization technology sets up a confined environment needed for this. Maintaining the Click-to-Run products installed in your system is an easy thing to do.

Updating the installed products

Updates can be set up to happen automatically, so that available changes get pushed to your computer as and when required. This however would require you to close the Office apps for the course of the duration.

If you can download the updates but these can’t be applied afterwards, you’ll get a notification in the system tray. In the case of most updates, you don’t need an internet connection for the whole time you’re updating. In cases where it is, the message will specify if the lack of a connection is the cause of the problem, telling you to stay connected and resume the process.
  • If you go for the OK option, make sure that you close any open files, and any other Office programs which are running. 
  • If you hit Cancel, the update stops. 
Repairing the Click-to-Run products

Repair for Click-to-Run products requires an internet connection throughout; if you don’t stay connected, this won’t work.
  • Go to Control Panel and choose the Programs applet. Then move on to Programs and Features. You’ll see the latter as a ready option under the Classic view. 
  • Choose one of Microsoft Office Home and Business 2010, Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010, and Microsoft Office Starter 2010. Hit the Change button. 
  • If you want the settings to be carried over, leave the Remove Office user settings option deselected. Otherwise, you can keep the same settings after the repair is done. 
These are some of the things you can do with the Click-to-Run products installed in your system. For similar assistance with your Windows software and technical needs, call OmniTech Support. They offer the best technical troubleshooting and assistance you can avail from a third party. OmniTech support handles everything from your Windows software issues to MS Office problems, as well as driver installations. They are among the best technical support solution providers for Windows PCs.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

When Adding Contact Information From Outlook To An MS Word Document

Users, who are facing issues with any of the MS Office applications, can easily find quality tech support from the official Microsoft support websites or any of the reputed tech support services like OmniTech Support. What they should not do, however, is to fall prey to the OmniTech Support scam websites.

Without paying for any tech support service, you can fix many of the minor problems by going through useful tech support articles published online; just make sure that you are not installing any software tools, which might turn out to be malware.

Using you Outlook contact data in MS Word

For simple things like adding your Outlook contact information to a Word document, you do not require any external help. MS Outlook and Word are often installed together as part of the MS Office suite of applications. Even if you installed MS Outlook as a standalone application, it still functions smoothly with all the other MS Office applications installed on your system.

It is very easy to use the Outlook contacts data you have stored in the mail client, when creating a letter using MS Word. There is no need to do the Copy-Paste routine so many times to transfer the data. There are other tricks to getting this done easily. The easiest method is to use the Letter Wizard in MS Word to extract the contact information stored in the Outlook Contact folders. For this go to the Tools menu, open the Letters and Mailings options and click on the option Letter Wizard. Now, go to the Recipient Info tab and click on the opened book icon you see there.

This will launch the Select Name dialog box on your screen. Go to the Show Names from the: option and select the Outlook contacts folder, from which you want to access the information. Now, for inserting the contact name, use the option Type Name: or click on Select from List:. Using the options provided there, you can select the home address, office address or any alternative mailing addresses available for each contact. After selecting the necessary contact information, click on the OK button. Now, click on OK again to exit from the Letter Wizard screen.

With this, you have added the Outlook contact information to the Word document successfully. If you need any help, you may contact Omni Tech Support personnel for assistance. Make sure that the site you are visiting is not one of the OmniTech Support scam websites mentioned earlier.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Running Old Programs In Your New Windows OS

Following the advice you get from Omni Tech Support fraud websites, is next to useless. You are likely to make the issue worse, if you are not executing the correct troubleshooting steps. You have to avoid such issues by getting quality tech support services from certified professionals.

Tips for running old programs in Windows

For example, without knowing how to do it, you would think that it is impossible to run certain old software programs in your new Windows OS. As it happens, Windows supports the running of some of the old software programs in what is called Compatibility Mode; but, not all the outdated software programs that you dig up from your old desktop PC. The basic coding structures in all Windows operating systems have many things in common and therefore, you can – with some tweaks and settings – run some of the old software programs in the new Windows operating systems like Windows 7 or Windows 8.

Just select the EXE icon for launching the application and right click on it to launch the Properties wizard. There, click on the Compatibility tab and go through the options shown there. Under the heading Compatibility Mode, you will see the option Run this program in compatibility mode for _. In the text field provided there, you need to select one of the older versions of Windows, for which the program was originally designed. If you are trying to run a XP version program on Windows 7, select Windows XP for this text field.

After selecting the Compatibility mode settings for the correct OS version, click the Apply button to save these settings. Now, the next time you launch that software application, it would be running in the compatibility mode and any OS compatibility error messages you saw before, would not be there anymore. However, in some cases, some of the functionalities present in the software would be disabled, when running in the compatibility mode like this. This is to be expected.

Running a virtual machine application is another option. In this case, you will be running a XP virtual system inside your Windows 7 or Windows 8 PC. You can continue to run all the XP programs inside this virtual environment without facing any compatibility problems with the modern Windows OS running in your system.

As you can see, you can still run some of the old programs in Windows. For useful tech articles like this, you may continue visiting the Omni Tech Support blog page and stay away from any Omni Tech Support fraud websites you might come across online.